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Artificial intelligence (AI) technology is undoubtedly the hottest tech trend today. We know our smart speakers (Google Home and Amazon Echo) are powered on AI and are capable of executing a range of tasks, but not many of us know how the tech works.

That’s why tech companies such as Google, Amazon, and IBM released interactive do-it-yourself artificial intelligence development kits - which are beneficial in understanding the key software and hardware aspects of AI. These scratch kits are very rewarding for this generation’s aspiring computer scientists and future engineers. You can gain valuable knowledge and insight on how artificial intelligence really works.

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Google launched two distinct do-it-yourself artificial intelligence kits - the voice kit and the vision kit. These kits have slightly different functionalities and capabilities. The voice kit, once fully assembled and configured with Google Assistant, can serve as a smart speaker. The vision kit is an image recognition device.

This project demonstrates how to get a natural language recognizer up and running and connect it to the Google Assistant, using your AIY Projects voice kit. Along with everything the Google Assistant already does, you can add your own question and answer pairs. All in a handy little cardboard cube, powered by a Raspberry Pi.

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