Byton Car Image

The Futuristic Byton Car

Byton, a Chinese car company, revealed a brand new concept vehicle at CES 2018 - promising to introduce a futuristic and revolutionary driving and passenger experience.

The prototype car is a crossover SUV that features a large 49 inch screen that is the entire front dashboard. The screen has 4K Ultra High Definition resolution that increases clarity and adds a completely new dimension to the cabin. The front row is very spacious and lacks physical buttons that are normally present in a car. Moreover, there is a camera that tracks your finger movements, allowing you to manipulate the screen without touching it; thus reducing the movement necessary. The built in AI can help navigate through new routes with the Amazon Alexa virtual assistant. Byton intends to equip the car with ‘Level 3’ autonomy, which would reduce the physical driving activity by the driver. In the future, Byton envisions to upgrade the car to convert it into a fully autonomous vehicle. This will help the driver have leverage and freedom at the wheel. For once, the driver can experience what it feels like to be a real passenger in a car.

Byton Interior Image
The Inside of the Byton Car

But Byton technology doesn’t just stop there. Cameras and sensors built into the front door have automatic door-unlocking abilities and also provide profiles of family members within the system database. Multiple profiles can be uploaded so friends and family members can be accommodated. Inside, wireless charging is conveniently available for smartphones. The Byton car is expected to release in China around 2019. And for its base price of $45,000, this ultra advanced car could be a potential future competitor to Tesla.

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