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Bitcoin: The Risk-and-Reward Next Frontier of Finance

Bitcoin’s recent explosion of popularity has put cryptocurrencies at the forefront of popular culture. Suddenly, it has become a major topic of mainstream conversation, and has already created many millionaires.

In fact, Bitcoin’s rise in popularity has spawned an entire cryptocurrency industry; now, new similar currencies have been created as an alternative. However, much of how Bitcoin works and what it is is still a mystery to many.

Bitcoin operates based on two fundamental components: wallets and coins. When a user begins using Bitcoin, he or she creates a wallet to store their coins, consisting of a digital address associated with their account. This account is used to conduct payments and transactions, as well as to identify who is associated with an account. Coins are stored as a series of addresses (“digital signatures”) identifying who has conducted a transaction in the past with each specific coin, each time a transaction is made using a coin, a new address is added to it (the chain it consists of).

Fundamentally, a Bitcoin transaction is the exchange of coins between two people’s wallets, which is recorded on a public record of all transactions, known as the blockchain. When a transaction is made, the user sending the coin converts his address into a signature, which is then added, along with the address of the receiver of the coin, to the “end” of the coin. Then, this transaction is recorded in the blockchain, and the coin is transferred to the receiver.

Bitcoins are not freely accessible to anyone; they must be created through a process known as mining, where computers are used to “unlock” Bitcoins. Bitcoin miners download special software that solves complex math problems. When solved, these problems yield several coins to the user, which can now be used for purchases and transactions. For those who wish to get into Bitcoin mining, several of the most popular mining software clients include CGMiner, BitMiner, and BTCMiner.

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However, Bitcoin is unfortunately not a quick way to make a large profit. The value of Bitcoin is constantly fluctuating, rising and falling every second, every day. Although this has spawned numerous success stories, its unstable value has caused concern among both the public and investors alike. Thus, even though its potential is undeniable, its value in reality remains in question.

Ultimately, Bitcoin remains an intriguing alternative to traditional finance options, serving as a somewhat cryptic, but potentially worthwhile way to earn, store, and spend money. Although its value does fluctuate significantly, it has spawned numerous success stories, a tribute to its earning potential. As time moves forward, Bitcoin (and cryptocurrencies in general) will most likely continue to become more and more widely accepted, until it becomes a fully functional alternative to traditional currency.

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