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Apple’s Increasing Involvement in Education

Lately, Apple had shifted its focus from entertainment at home to education at schools around the world. Even though there is a popular stigma amongst parents that digital devices are distracting and addictive, Apple hoped to impose a positive effect by making learning interactive and enjoyable. By organizing education oriented events such as the ‘Field Trip’ event that took place on March 27th in Chicago, Apple slowly - but surely - is expanding its sphere of influence.

This past year, Apple had chosen to introduce iPads, Macs, Apple TVs and a number of educational apps in order to help students learn educational content much faster, in a much more interactive manner. Apple offered a set of five educational apps: Final Cut Pro X, Logic Pro X, Motion, Compressor and MainStage, costing $199.99. These apps are marketed specifically for educators and provide various benefits including advanced video editing, computer graphics and music production, prompting students to create better creative content.

Not only does Apple aid with learning, it now plays a significant role in teaching. The Classroom app and the latest Schoolwork app allow the teachers to organize school assignments, monitor their progress and collaborate accordingly, via digital devices.Along with teaching the conventional school subjects, Apple established Swift playgrounds, allowing even the younger students to learn the programming language effectively. By introducing coding to children at a very young age, Apple hoped to bring forth a generation that is even more technologically advanced than the workforce of today, reinforcing the main purpose of education: which is to develop a future with well-educated individuals. Once schools and districts succumb to the marketing strategies and incorporate Apple technology into education, they are labeled as Apple Distinguished Schools. Currently, they are about 400 Apple Distinguished Schools in 29 countries.

Education through the IPad
Education through the IPad

Due to Apple’s rapidly expanding influence over the field of education, it launched an Apple ‘Field Trip’ event, on the 27th of March in the year 2018. The event took place at a school in Chicago and was presented by Apple employees. The main goal of the event was to unveil a newer and cheaper iPad, launch ClassKit and a new Apple pencil. The major announcement was the 9.7 inch iPad, which costs starting from $329, containing an A10 fusion chip, allowing it to be much faster than its predecessors. Additionally, it enables users to open multiple apps, experience Augmented Reality apps more thoroughly, edit and take videos and pictures more clearly than before. Apple also incorporated iPads with state online exams such as Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC), the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC), and ACT Aspire. With the latest iPad, Apple manages to hit all the right spots, since it is cheap, efficient, interactive and easy to use. Additionally, Apple released the 11.3 update, which includes ARKit, apps to monitor battery usage, Aniemoji, and other regular modifications and fixes. By releasing new Augmented Reality focused apps and making them compatible with the new iPad, Apple takes a big step forward into this swiftly growing field of technology.

Although education and digital devices used to be two commonly disassociated terms, Apple strived to pull them together by launching educational events and releasing devices engineered towards educators and learners. Whether harmful or beneficial, Apple’s involvement in education is cherished by the majority as they continue to make the learning and teaching process more interactive and straightforward. Lastly, these technological innovations all prove the fact that the newer generations will continue to grow exponentially in a creative and intelligent manner.

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