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Importance of Computer Science Education

In today’s society, Generation Zer’s, the current generation, spend the majority of their time online via the Internet.

The Internet and other technologies are becoming increasingly popular as the new generation is steering society towards a more technology focused future. First of all, Generation Z represents over 23 million people in the US, and is on the way to becoming the fastest-growing generation. Combined with their skills with computers and the internet, Gen Zer’s have the potential to make huge impacts in our society.

As the tech sector is expanding, the number of computer science jobs is increasing at a high rate. In fact, according to CompTIA, the world's leading tech association, there are currently 7.3 million jobs in the tech industry, and number will exponentially increase. This opens up numerous opportunities for those interested in becoming a part of the tech field. Especially for Generation Z, learning how to code will yield a very fruitful outcome as you would ensure yourself a significantly high-paying job in this tech-oriented era. Nevertheless, even those who are not interested in working in the tech sector should still learn about computer science as it is becoming an increasingly crucial skill. As businesses grow digital, more and more companies require their employees to have a basic knowledge in coding, developing websites, digital marketing, etc.

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However, not many students in the US get a chance to be educated about computer science in their respective schools. In the US, only 22% of high schools offer AP Computer Science according to a nationwide study done by College Board. Moreover, in California alone, a state largely associated with the future of the tech industry, only 25.1% of high schools offer the AP Computer Science class. Although schools are slowly beginning to incorporate computer science into their curriculums, the amount of jobs in the computer science space will still greatly outnumber the students interested in pursuing computer science. This should provide great incentive for Gen Zers who have an interest in computer science to keep progressing and learning to code as they will have an abundance of jobs waiting for them when they are ready to apply for one.

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