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We sat down with the CEO of the newly rising tutoring organization Onclass, Vishnu Srinivasan. In Vishnu’s sophomore year, he moved to the U.S. and had to catch up to the new curriculum and environment. He had to manage his time wisely to finish school work and it was a big struggle. Fortunately, he looked to his newly made friends for help with his struggles. After almost a year, Vishnu started to realize the need for more educational support inside and outside of school. He created a core team with his friends and launched Onclass in order to provide learning materials to students in various subjects. His free program now helps support students in the community with tutoring sessions for elementary schoolers through high schoolers. Here are some questions that we asked him and his core team during the interview:

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Q: What is the purpose of Onclass?

A: We aim to provide resources & tutoring to equalize the path for academic success for students in different areas and with differences in access to information. “Essentially we're trying to give back to students in the community of different backgrounds/needs that school doesn't necessarily cater to” - Mihir Hasan, junior at Lynbrook and Head of Partnerships at Onclass.

Q: Does Onclass work with elementary students?

A: Onclass has started working with elementary students and we realized that the connection between the tutor and student is strong. “I tutored an elementary school student a few months back and it was a super rewarding experience”- stated Zhi-Ying Chua, Treasurer.

Q: What are the plans for the future?

A: We are planning to meet the FUHSD board this week to integrate Onclass as a supplement in classrooms. Additionally, we want to hold a summit to get the word out and help more students.

Q: How many team members does Onclass have?

A: 30-35 members high school team members.

Q: Who does Onclass work with?

A: We work with our local congressman, Ro Khanna's organization, Agents of Change, and are partnering with local libraries to provide free of cost workshops for tech, english, and SAT/ACT for underprivileged kids.

Q: How many users does Onclass have?

A: We have 4,000 online users, 52 students tutored, and have had 80-100 tutor sessions.

Q: What locations has Onclass expanded to and what its current user base?

A: We have recently began to work with students in India and Pakistan and have helped students get into college by reviewing their applications and providing western education resources where people cannot obtain them. Essentially, we're trying to give back to students in the community of different backgrounds/needs that school doesn't necessarily cater to. We have student volunteers from HHS, Lynbrook, Cupertino, and Monta Vista, and we provide services to any school in the Bay Area.

Q: What is a unique factor that distinguished OnClass from other tutoring services?

A: Onclass actively works with the latest VR technology and integrates it into their curriculum to enhance the student’s experience. It is safe to say OnClass fully endorses the Silicon Valley tech resources around them.

So what are you waiting for! Onclass is supporting many across the world and you can make use of their free services now! Check out www.onclass.org for more information.

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