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There’s an all-girls hackathon around the corner! XXHacks is a wonderful platform for high school girls to learn computer programming and utilize their coding skills to create projects.

Event Information:

Date: March 3, 2018

Time: 8 AM - 9 PM

Location: Symantec HQ (350 Ellis St, Mountain View, CA 94043)

Cost: Free!

What to Bring: Computer, charger, phone, and creativity !

Application Link: tinyurl.com/xxhacks2018

Website: http://xxhacks.com


Are you a girl who likes coding, food, and lots of free swag? If you said yes to any of these questions, XXHacks is the event for you. XXHacks is a 12 hour, all girls hackathon taking place on March 3, 2018 at Symantec HQ in Mountain View; it is organized by Anika Bagga, Anusha Kuchibhotla, Indali Bora, Audrey Im, Saniya Doshi, and Annie Pan. This event provides a vibrant environment where you can meet new people, share ideas, make projects, win prizes, get cool swag, learn a lot of coding, and make memories for a lifetime! A hackathon is a platform for all students to meet and create a coding project. The project should be inspired from a problem happening in society, and your job is to come up with a solution for it. You can make apps, websites, anything from your imagination that fits the criterion. After an extensive 10-12 hours working on the project, you create a pitch (a presentation to ‘sell’ your product to the judges).

There were around 100 girls participating last year and it was so inspiring to see so many passionate girls dedicated to fill the gender gap in STEM fields. I expect there to be a bigger turnout this year with more of an interest in empowering women.
-- Anusha Kuchibhotla, Outreach / Sponsorship Lead of XXHacks


Prizes will be given out to the best iOS hack, best website hack, and best beginner hack. Prizes include CloudFlare conference tickets and t-shirts, Sketch Congratulations Cards/Licenses and Interview Cake Licenses, $25 gift cards, and first place for best iOS hack, and best website hack is sponsored by Kate Spade!

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Don’t be discouraged if you don’t have a team yet or if you do not have any coding knowledge. XXHacks is an event that invites anyone that is open-minded and ready to learn coding! At the beginning of the hackathon, there will be a team mixer where you can meet new people and even create teams. Furthermore, there will be many workshops throughout the day including iOS mobile application development and web development where you can learn some basics of coding and even apply it to your project.

There will also be a women in tech panel; its purpose is to expose girls to the different pathways in technology and inspire them through the experiences of other female engineers.

Thanks to XXHacks sponsors like Google, GoDaddy, Twitter, and more, there will be a lot of free swag for you to take home! Along with all the free goodies, there will also be a lot of free food and drinks!

XXHacks has partnered with Symantec to make this an amazing learning experience for all. They hope that through this experience, more females will take interest in STEM.

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This is a review from last year's XXHacks:

“I liked the experience but since it was one of my first hackathons I didn’t really come into with a certain image. I think the best thing about it was being able to work with your friends while also meeting new people in order to create something so new and impactful. I think one of the major things I learned from xxhacks was not only working with stress to finish on time but working with other people who are also under that same stress and learning to work with others in that type of situation.”
-- Nishita Katere, Lynbrook High School

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Shrestha Kandpal

Shrestha Kandpal is a junior at Cupertino High School. She wants to broaden her knowledge of computer science and technology, and hopes to use these skills to study biotechnology in the future.