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Tech Prevents ‘Hot Car’ Infant Deaths

New sensor technologies, developed by Guardian Optical Technologies, can help prevent infant deaths being left in overheated cars.

The annual International Consumer Electronics Show on January 9, 2018 featured many innovative technologies, such as improvements to the well-known Polaroid camera and Samsung’s 146-inch Micro LED TV, dubbed ‘The Wall’. The show sparked interest for what 2018 has to offer in the field of technology. In addition to digital advancements for entertainment purposes, it featured a sensor technology that could potentially save lives.

Every year, around 40 infants die due to parents mistakenly leaving their children in a car that was left out in the sun. Guardian Optical Technologies designed a new sensor technology to tackle this serious problem. They have equipped a recognition system in the middle of the cabin of the car to detect the slightest movement- perfect for a sleeping baby. In fact, it is so precise that it can pick up a baby’s heartbeat! If a parent mistakenly leaves their infant alone in a car, this sensor can pick up the child’s slightest movement and immediately alert the infant’s parents or family through a call. Additionally, it will automatically start the vehicle’s air-conditioning to help keep the interior cool until help arrives. Ultimately, this new sensor technology can detect motion in the car once the doors are closed and the car has been locked.

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